Located in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

The 3500 hectare Bateleur property is located in the heart of the world renowned Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, an exceptional safari location. All artificial barriers between the Timbavati and the adjacent Kruger National Park have been removed and the Bateleur property itself shares unfenced borders with Kruger, allowing free animal movement.

This prime wilderness area boasts the Big Five, a large diversity of antelope species, the entire range of smaller predators, over 500 bird species, and a tremendous diversity of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. The landscape is typical of the undulating granitic Lowveld basin with large broad-leafed trees dominating the uplands, followed by Acacia woodlands, which give way to the large trees that form the riverine vegetation in the valley bottoms. Highly productive and open sodic areas dominate along the sandy riverbeds.

Bateleur’s traversing area extends over 10 000 hectares of the Timbavati Reserve.

Timbavati’s Climate – summer and rainy season:

During the period October to April the days are warm with temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius or sometimes higher. The days are often partly cloudy or overcast and warm and humidity levels can be quite high. At night the temperature can drop to 18 degrees Celsius.

Timbavati’s Climate – winter and dry season:

During the period May to September the days are a lot cooler with low humidity. The temperature generally sits around 22 to 28 degrees Celsius and the days are often sunny and clear. The nights and early mornings are often very cool and temperatures can drop to about 5 degrees Celsius, sometimes even lower. The odd cold front may blow over the area bringing cool, windy and overcast conditions with soft rain.


The Timbavati is considered a low risk malaria area, however clients should consult their local travel clinic regarding prophylaxis. The highest risk time for malaria is December to April

More information about the Timbavati Reserve can be found at www.timbavati.co.za

 Map of Location of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, Greater Kruger